Starting a New Farmlife Adventure

Yes, we’ve started a new adventure, a Farmlife Adventure. If you aren’t aware, we have moved from Southern California to Rural Wyoming. We are living about 20 miles north of Cheyenne on a little farm. This website and email newsletter will be our way of communicating our Farmlife goals, challenges, and successes. We would be encouraged if you would follow along.

One of the first projects is to update the Chicken house. There are 5 hens and 3 roosters that came with the farm. They currently have the entire barn to themselves. The barn is roughly 20 feet wide, and 30 feet long. In the next week or so I am planning on sectioning off a portion for a Chicken coup. The rest of the barn will be used for other animals, but that will have to wait a bit.

So we are busy getting things moved in, and making this little farm our own. Over the next few weeks we will need to be painting, doing some home renovations, and setting things up so we can grow our own food and raise our own animals. Thanks for your interest in our New Farmlife Adventure.