There are two types of motivation, and two ways in which we experience it. We are either motivated by either pleasure or pain. When we desire something we are motivated to go after it.  When we don’t want to experience something, we will do whatever it takes to avoid it. The carrot and the stick analogy helps us to identify what kinds of motivation we have.  The second part is where motivation comes from.  We either intrinsically motivate ourselves or we are motivated by others.  When we choose to motivate ourselves with the things we want, we will have greater satisfaction in life.  Conversely, when we are typically motivated by avoiding pain associated with something that is extrinsic we will have less satisfaction in life.

If your goal in life is to increase your satisfaction, identify your motivators and where they originate.  If you would like to move ahead further faster contact me to see if I can help you live your life better.