If I was King for a Day

A while back, and I mean a while – like 25 years or so, I was working in a small consumer electronics store.  While there, I had a regular customer who like to talk about various current affairs and he would always mention what he would do if he were “King for a Day”.  He would say things like, “If I were King for a Day, this whole middle east stuff would be fixed.” or “Kids these days, if I were King for a Day, they would be taught and they would learn.”  and so on.

It seemed like an odd statement to me at the time, so I asked him why King, and why not President or something else.  His response was so that he didn’t have to be accountable to anyone.  He could make the changes necessary and wouldn’t have all the bureaucracy to deal with.

Well that makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it.  Nothing to get in the way of getting the right things done in a timely manner.  So why not be King for the day? We should all be King for a Day. The trouble comes when our decisions conflict with the decisions of others.  So, on a wide scale the King for a Day scenario is obviously dead.

However the principle remains, why can’t you be King for a Day over the things you have control over?  If you are the one that has the responsibility and influence over a particular area, why not be King?  Why not make the changes that are necessary to move ahead?

Spheres of Influence

The first step is to understand what each of us truly has control or influence over.  I was first introduced to the Spheres of Influence in the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.  In the book he talks about the areas in which we have influence and the areas in which we don’t.  Everyone is different, but we all have influence over something.  Let’s take an extreme example; a death row inmate still has the ability to choose to be pleasant or to be miserable.  Now most of you reading this aren’t death row inmates, right?  So you too have the ability to choose to be pleasant or miserable.  If you are King for the Day, which do you choose?

Now that we have an understanding of influence, where else do you have influence?  Your home, your job, your relationships?  If you are King for a Day, what would you do?  What would you change?

The interesting phenomenon that surrounds the Spheres of Influence concept is that the more time you spend concentrating on the thing things you have influence over the larger that sphere will grow.  That is, when you concentrate your time on the things that you can control, you will grown in influence.  Conversely, the more you concentrate on the things that are outside your are of influence, and you have no control over, the smaller your sphere of influence will become.  If you want to be the King over many things, first be the King over what you have.

Now is your Chance

So now that we have established your Kingdom, and that you are King, so to speak – What is it that you, King for the Day, want to do?  Make sure you don’t waste it, time is ticking.

If you aren’t sure where to start, and you want to make the most of what you’ve got, Contact me.  I would love to help you get going down the right path.