Ditching Cable? The Why’s and How’s of Cutting the Cord.

For me ditching cable started out as a matter of finance. I was tired of paying over $100 per month to watch television shows that had become boring and mundane. I was paying for a basic package and a DVR to skip commercials.

BTW, I hate, despise, detest commercials.  Think about this for a second, if you watch 2  – 1 hour programs per day (average time in America is around 5 hours a day based on some sketchy internet research) you are watching roughly 40 minutes of commercials per day, or around 4.5 hours per week, or 243 hours per year, which is just over 10 days.  What!!! 10 days of your life per year watching commercials.  Over a lifetime that is two, count them, 2 years.  Sorry, I want my life back.  Thanks

So, after a virtual snip snip, I had no more cable TV.  Instead I opted for higher internet speed. And, I got it.  for $39.99 per month from Spectrum Internet I got the unadvertised 60mbps download and 10mbps upload plan.  In actuality, again based on some sketchy internet speed tests, an average of 114mbps download and 13mbps upload.

I have an old Pioneer Kurow 50” plasma tv, its not smart.  So I bought an Apple TV to connect to the rest of my Apple stuff, and ta da.  Streaming internet tv in my living room. Right? Not yet, I needed to decide which “Apps” to use to get the content I wanted to watch.

There are basically two types of apps, the ones in which you pay to receive content and the ones you don’t.  I’ve found the best “Free” or unpaid apps are PBS and YouTube, and the best paid ones are Hulu, and Netflix.  The next couple posts will provide a bit more detail on the programming choices both paid an unpaid, so stick around.

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