Ditching cable? When Free isn’t Enough.

In the first post I looked at the how I changed from television content supplied by the cable company to content supplied by internet sources.  The main reason for doing this was to lower my monthly costs, and to eliminate commercials as much as possible.  The second post highlighted what I consider to be the best direct to consumer content method available, YouTube, and which channels I thought would be the best to watch in 2017.  In this post, I will look at some of the paid internet services that supply content including the main television networks, and some alternatives.

Let’s face it many of us are, maybe not addicted, but let’s just say fond of some of the major network tv shows.  ABC, NBC, FOX, CW, CBS and PBS are what I’m talking about here. Since I use the Apple TV, I’ve found that all 6 have their own apps to supply content. However, except for PBS they all require that you pay, or have a standard cable subscription to gain access.  PBS is as simple as creating a free account and you get access, nice!  The real trouble with the other 5 is that when you pay, you still get commercials.

Okay, here is my big issue with this.  Over the air, using the antenna, I can access these channels in HD with commercials.  Watching commercials is a form of payment, so paying to watch tv with commercials is paying twice.  Completely unacceptable in my opinion. So what is the alternative?

Hulu, Netflix, and More…

Hulu is a paid service that allows you to watch pretty much every program, live sports and news not included, on ABC, NBC, FOX and CW.  CBS isn’t on HULU.  So, for around $12 per month I can watch almost everything that I had on cable without commercials. And after a year or so, I just don’t know what I’m missing on CBS and don’t really care, sorry CBS you’re out.

Netflix is another streaming option that I subscribe to.  For around $10 per month Netflix provides a ton of movies and their own TV shows that are exceptional.

There are others, like Sling, Amazon Prime, and recently YouTube announced they were getting into the streaming arena.  If you use any of these and really like them, leave a comment below.

I hope this series of posts has been helpful.  Thanks for tuning in.