Change always comes at the cost of comfort

Comfort is the Goal

Comfort seems to be the over arching goal in contemporary American culture.  It wasn’t that long ago that cloth seats were the luxury upgrade in automotive upholstery.  Now leather is the norm and heated and cooled seats are the upgrade.  The quintessential American company, La-Z-boy, states that it’s first founding principle is comfort.  Since 1928 La-Z-boy has been making recliners to increase the comfort of more and more American’s.

On the other hand, Change is the word of the day and has been for the past decade or so and more and more people are dissatisfied with the status quo and want to change something.  Fashion, decor, rules and rulers have all changed and with each comfort is disturbed or disrupted.

Living near the infamous San Andreas Fault in Southern California most people just don’t seem that concerned that there is about 160 years of movement built up. Many experts believe that  an earthquake registering 7.5 or higher is imminent.  People go about their daily lives with the knowledge, but unconcerned by the consequences this change would have on the comfortable lives they continue to improve upon.

Change is somewhat unpredictable.

When we set out to make a change in our life, be it work, home or otherwise, we usually have a desired outcome in mind.  However, after making the change the eventual outcome is never exactly as we intentioned, and may or may not be better than the comfort we left to make the change.  A satisfactory outcome may be well intentioned, but never a guarantee.

So before throwing out the status quo in hopes of realizing greater comfort be forewarned that significant discomfort should be not only anticipated but expected and the end result may not be any better, and could be far worse, than the way things were before.

Turn back the clock

Ray Johnston says, “In the 1950’s we lost innocence, In the 1960’s, we lost respect for authority, In the 1970’s, we lost love, In the 1980’s, we lost values, In the 1990’s, we lost faith, In the 2000’s, we lost security, In the 2010’s, we lost hope in the future.”

It seems like many would love to turn the clock back to the decade they felt most comfortable.  Others would encourage us to turn the clock ahead another decade or two and further erode the values that still exist.  Consequently, there are definitely patterns of comfort that existed in the past that we don’t want to return to.  Likewise, there are patterns that we need to avoid becoming trapped in.

The Frustration

Its easy to see how we get tangled up in our own principles and values.  As a result, the more we get pulled in any direction the more we want to seek comfort but at the same time desire change.  So we shouldn’t be amazed at how frustrated and stuck this can make us.  Getting unstuck isn’t easy.  If you find yourself living in this pattern and would like to change but don’t know how.  Contact me and I’ll see what I can do.