Ambition vs Greed

Perform a quick interweb search for the difference between greed and ambition, and you will find millions of results in a very short time.  Many of these results will talk about goals, success, money or power.  However, the real difference that I see is in the expectation. 

Greed and Ambition Defined

Here is what I mean. Greed is the expectation of getting something for nothing. whereas, Ambition is the expectation of getting something in return for effort.  

If Greed is the expectation fo getting something for nothing it implies that if you haven’t earned it, it is either undeserved or a gift.  Take inheritance for example.  If you expect an inheritance from someone, and are disappointed when you don’t receive it you were being greedy.  Whereas, if you receive an inheritance, and weren’t expecting it you perceive it as a gift.

When we look at ambition as the expectation of getting something in return for effort, there is a direct link between extra effort and extra returns, or improved effort and improved returns.  It is a calculated worthwhile expenditure that relates to future advancement.

The Politics of Greed

In our current political arena there is one group that keeps suggesting that you deserve something for nothing.  Free education and free health care are two of the most common “freebies” being offered.  However, it is the selfishness of the ruling class under socialism that pleads to your greed in order to get them elected.  There is nothing that is free. There is always cost somewhere, being paid by someone.  Once elected, the socialist ruling class, will benefit greatly and the working class will suffer.  This is the exact situation happening in Venezuela.  

Think Critically

So I encourage you to investigate and think critically. Consider the “Free” things being offered and consider the appeal to your greed.  Do you really believe you should receive something for nothing? Are you willing to pay for someone else to receive something for nothing?